I am a Professor in the Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. My main research interests are in undergraduate mathematics education. Prior to moving to Virginia, I earned my PhD from the Mathematics and Science Education program jointly sponsored by San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego. I have also taught university mathematics in Ohio, as well as high school mathematics in both Ohio and Switzerland.
You can find my CV here.

Inquiry-Oriented Linear Algebra


My current research involves the development of inquiry-oriented instructional materials for linear algebra. More details about this NSF-funded project can found on my Research page and on http://iola.math.vt.edu.

Mathematics Education at Virginia Tech

I am a member of the Mathematics Education group at Virginia Tech.

Graduate Programs in Mathematics Education

For interested students, there are two opportunities for doctoral degrees at Virginia Tech: a PhD in Mathematics, Education Option through the Mathematics Department, and a PhD in Mathematics Education through the School of Education. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information!